About their big day...

Right from the start, Taylor had made it clear to us that she did not want to do a First Look with Dillon. When we asked her what photos were most important to her, his reaction to her walking down the aisle was the only photo she listed. As Taylor walked up the steps to their ceremony, their officiant (a close friend of theirs) kept Dillon in check making sure he didn’t sneak any peeks before it was time. When she finally told him to turn around he didn’t quite believe her. He asked “Can I really?” and it was hard to tell if he was more nervous or excited. As he turned and got his first full look at his bride, he could only say one thing, “Wow”.

That moment has been a long time coming for these two. Taylor and Dillon are high school sweethearts, and not only because they started dating in high school. They were nominated high school sweethearts by their senior class, they’re just that cute together! Their whole wedding day was just magical. It was so great to see just how well loved this young couple is!

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