best friends, dog moms, champagne enthusiasts & photographers

If you're like pretty much everyone, you know that having your photo taken isn't always the most fun experience. Remember how awesome it was having your photo taken for your school portraits? Yeah, we didn't think so. Our biggest goal is to have as much fun as possible during our shoots. Not only does that result in great, natural looking portraits it also helps relieve stress on your wedding day! 

We've been best friends for 15 years and we've been photographing weddings for 9 years. We had always loved photography but never really thought about it as much more than something fun to do in our spare time. In 2010, one of our friends asked us to photograph her wedding. Of course we had to say yes! Later, when we revealed her photos to her, she couldn’t hold back her tears of joy, and we knew we had found what we were meant to do.

Over the years, we’ve photographed many different types of weddings from grand catholic weddings to small, intimate backyard get togethers. We believe wedding photography should be about more than just pretty pictures. It should be about having fun too! 

We know it sounds totally cheesy, but we feel really blessed to do what we love and we couldn’t dream of doing anything else.

The ones who make all the magic happen

Meet our Team


Has a not-so-secret Dr. Pepper addiction. May also have a slight addiction to anything Kate Spade. An introverted extrovert. Obsessed with all things glitter and the cozy feeling of Fall. Would wear leggings everyday if she could and you'll usually find her unwinding by playing video games. Feels like she has her life together as long as her nails are painted.


Lover of all things makeup, Will get lost for hours if you set her loose in a Home Goods. Definitely an introvert. Nothing feels better for her than when she's curled up with a comfy blanket watching one of her favorite movies. Has a massive DVD collection. Lover of all things "nerdy". Proud Hufflepuff and may also have a "secret" Star Wars tattoo.  

Emma & Ella

Our fur-babies! Emma & Ella are sisters from the same litter that we adopted in September of 2017. They love chasing each other in the backyard and when we go for walks, they walk us instead of the other way around. They join our other pup, Eliott, a Border Collie/Chow mix (getting a photo of all three of them together is next to impossible).

Their jokes and happy, optimistic attitudes really put me at ease

Kristina & Daniel

Rumor has it

We definitely feel like you're our friends that happen to take badass pictures!

Angela & Cassie

Rumor has it

They made everything so much easier and helped make our day so special.

Taylor & Dillon

Rumor has it

They made us feel super comfortable from our first meeting . We even hired them on the spot . Wish choosing all our vendors would’ve been that easy .

Essy & Albert

Rumor has it


All Things Sparkly

We have a soft spot for anything glitter or sequins! If it sparkles, we're in! Whether it be clothing, office supplies, or accessories we just can't get enough sparkle in our lives!

We love glitter, sequins, and everything else that sparkles!


sweater Weather

Don't get us wrong, we love spring time but there is just something about the cool, crisp Fall air that feels so right! Add in comfy sweaters and some hot salted caramel tea and that sounds like the perfect day.

Cold weather, chunky sweaters, & salted caramel tea


Movies & TV

Ever since we've met, one of our favorites things to do has been to watch our current favorite show or movie. Whether we're curled up on the couch or at the movie theater (with extra buttered popcorn) we know we'll have a good time.

From Ace Ventura to Zootopia, we've watched it all!


Fragrant Florals

At our house, we always have some kind of flowers around. Adrienne even have 3 huge rose bushes growing right outside her bedroom window! There's no denying that the bouquets are one of our favorite details of a wedding day.

There is just something so refreshing about a fresh bouquet



We just can't resist our usual order from our favorite sushi place, California Roll & Grill. A Hawaiian Roll, a Tony Roll, and an order of Gyoza! YUM!

Whenever we're in the mood for a treat, sushi is our go to!


we do what we do

Do you remember the excitement you felt for your first date? How about that rush of adrenaline as they finally popped the question? Those feelings are the reason we do what we do. In a world full of Instagram and Pinterest, where everyone wants the swoon worthy flowers or the perfect sequin tablecloths, what really matters is the love the two of you share. After your flowers have wilted and the cake is all gone, all that is left is your love for each other and your memories of your wedding day. Creating family heirlooms is such an honor for us! We love laughing with you, crying with you, and celebrating with you.