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Having a great website is an essential part of running a business! Do you often worry about what potential clients think when they view your site? Just redesigned and need a fresh pair of eyes? Then you're in the right place friend! After years of struggling to find a site we were happy with, we buckled down and poured all the knowledge we could about web design and image curation into our brains. Now, we want to use our knowledge to help business owners just like you! Let's make magic together and help turn those looky-loos into bookings!

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After watching your video and making some of our suggested tweaks, you'll be well on your way to the website of your dreams!


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We'll go through your site and give you our thoughts and tips on what looks great and what could use some work. Once we're done we'll send you the video so you can watch and make changes at your own pace.

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Say "Hello!" through our contact form below. Lets us know your website address and we'll get this party started!

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Hello! We're Adrienne & Dani

Get to Know a little bit about us

Hey girl hey! We're Adrienne and Dani and we're the team of besties that make up Adrienne and Dani Photography! We've been wedding photographers for nearly 10 years and we've had all kinds of different websites. After finally getting fed up of hating our website design (and being too broke to have a full time designer help us out) we put all our brain power into learning all we could about good design, image curation, & SEO!

• We've been best friends since middle school when we met in our least favorite class, P.E
• Our clothes are usually covered in lots of fur thanks to our 4 fur babies: our pups, Emma, Ella, and Elliot & 1 kitty named Anna.
• Sacramento, CA is where we call home but we love to travel!
• Fall is our favorite time of the year and we could probably live solely off of Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice.
• HGTV is our jam and we love home decor/design, but actually getting us to decorate is a challenge... (there's just too many pretty things at Home Goods!)
• Adrienne loves everything Kate Spade (especially when it's on sale!)
• Dani's wallet cries a little whenever she walks into a Sephora.

Now that you've gotten to know us a little, keep scrolling to learn more about our Website Review Service!

the process

how we work & What to expect

Our Philosophy | We know it can be totally overwhelming to think about your website design. We started out as two very broke college kids, looking to make their dreams of wedding photography a reality! After struggling for years, we were ready to throw in the towel! But we decided there had to be something we were missing! We spent months scouring Pinterest and Google searching terms like "How to Design a Website that Sells" and obsessing over wedding blogs beautiful image curation and SEO. Then we got to work redesigning our website. In just a few short weeks after hitting "Publish" we went from page 6 of our Google Keyword Searches to page 1! Our website traffic saw more page views in the first month than it did in the past 3 years! How crazy is that?! It was such a relief to know that not only were our ideal clients finding our site, but we knew that we'd never have to worry about whether we looked "professional enough" again. Now, we'd love to give that freedom to others and help them create a business and website they're proud to show off.




The Process | After submitting your information through our contact form, we'll ask you a few questions to get more information about your brand, who your ideal client is, and send over an invoice. Once we've received payment and your answers to our questions, we'll get to work reviewing your site! We believe you should sprinkle kindness around like confetti, so we'll never be mean or too harsh. Once we've recorded your video, we'll send it on over to you via link in an email and you'll have it to watch and make changes at your own pace.




Need Help Making Changes? | We really believe in the power of a great website! Because of this we also offer a basic redesign service for those using Showit. We know life can get pretty crazy, especially if you've got little ones! For an extra fee, we'll take some of your best images and make the much needed changes to your website. We can also change some elements around and design something that truly makes your heart flutter. 



the Options

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for! The cost! Having a great site shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg

Whether you just want us to review one page or the whole shebang, we've got you covered! We'll review not only your design but your image curation and website copy too. 

Website Video Review

$75 for single pages
$150 for entire website

Being a Bosslady is hard work! Let us help take away some of the stress! We'll help you take your best of the best images and make sure your website looks cohesive and put together! This option includes a complete website review as well so we can go over the changes with you first.

Basic Website redesign


Will you both be reviewing my website?

Yes! That means double the pairs of eyes looking at your site! Double the chance we'll spot something that doesn't look quite right and double the fun!


Are these reviews only for Wedding Photographers?

No! We do website reviews for all kinds of different creatives! Photographers, Videographers, Planners, Florists, and everyone in between!


What are your qualifications?

We've been wedding photographers for nearly 10 years now and we've not only devoured all the free education out there that we could handle, but we've also taken courses from some pretty awesome industry pros. We've taken all of Katelyn James' Courses as well as all of Amy & Jordan's courses. Also, everything we've learned about SEO, we learned from Davey & Krista Jones.


Will you check desktop or mobile versions of my site?

Both! We'll go through both mobile versions and desktop versions of your website. We'll also check for things like spelling, spacing, or any other errors that might have popped up during the design process.


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