Hello! We're Adrienne & Dani, a dynamic duo of besties who just can't get enough of capturing whimsical and utterly romantic weddings. We're all about those genuine, unplanned moments, but with a touch of editorial magic. Our superpower? Turning them into portraits of pure enchantment!

With us behind the lens, you'll be treated to a visual feast of colors that are so vivid and true-to-life, they practically burst with emotion and warmth. And guess what? We're not just amazing photographers, but also experts at making you feel like an absolute superstar. So go ahead and relax, darlings, because we guarantee you'll look as drop-dead gorgeous as you feel.

Serving Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma & Beyond

inspiring and authentic imagery for your legacy




Let us take you on a whimsical journey where every frame tells a story, and where your love shines brighter than ever before. Together, let's create an enchanting legacy that will make your hearts flutter with joy for generations to come.

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“Our wedding would not have been the same if we hadn't found Adrienne and Dani.”

Essy & Albert

“We really can’t thank them enough for making our wedding day one we will cherish forever.”

Angela & Cassie

“This was one of the easiest decisions we made during our wedding planning process.”

Taylor & Dillon

“We wanted fun and colorful…and they knew how and where to deliver!”

Ryan & Ryan