Limited dates available - Only 4 bookings left for 2023!









Limited dates available - Only 4 bookings left for 2023!

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adrienne & Dani

Meet Adrienne & Dani!
Best friends for 20 years, wedding photographers for 12, and Dog moms 

After photographing our very first wedding for a friend twelve years ago, we knew we had found our passion and our purpose. Now, over a decade later and with hundreds of weddings under our belts, we specialize in timeless wedding imagery that blends vibrant, true-to-life colors with exuberant, genuine moments.


We believe in celebrating your love, your joy, and having fun while we do it.

Whether in our hometown of Sacramento, California, or another destination, we bring our genuine, detail-oriented style to any wedding day celebration. We strive to cultivate genuine emotion and make room for authentic connection, and we are dedicated to making every step of the journey feel effortless and blissful.



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Type 2's

favorite ice-cream

Cookie Dough / Butter Pecan

Drink of choice

French 75

favorite show

Rupaul's Drag Race

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3 dogs, 1 cat

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take our money

Kate Spade / Sephora

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Bodega Bay, CA


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(we're totally pet people)

(both the books & TV show)

Favorite Show

RuPaul's Drag Race

how many fur-babies

3 dogs and 1 cat

secret talent

Memorizing Movie Quotes

current obsession


both the books and the show

guilty pleasure

Tik Tok Amazon Finds

take my money

Kate Spade & Sephora


Video Games

Fave vacay spot

Bodega Bay, CA

What makes the A&D experience different?

We're dedicated to helping you plan a wedding day that's fun, stress-free, and photo friendly and we make sure we are prepared to capture all your most important photos, even before your wedding day.

what matters most to you

We photograph just 15 weddings per year, which allows us to arrive fresh and ready to create at every wedding and give you and your wedding day the attention it deserves.

To Give You the Very Best

no 2

We focus on natural, joyful, and gentle posing to make sure you look and feel your best in all of your photos.

So Your Photos Shine With Personality

No 1

no 3

A Focus on

Limited Clientle

Cultivating Joy

Photography for Your Legacy

The heart behind what we do

We believe that it's about more than hiring someone to hold a camera and snap a few photographs. To us, wedding photography is about carefully crafting and capturing the moments of your big day in a way that beautifully tells the story of your love.