Just this last weekend we headed down to Old Sacramento for Titania and Greg’s engagement session. Boy was it hot!!! When they said they wanted to do it on Saturday with temperatures well into the 100’s, we thought they were crazy! But despite the blazing temperatures, it was so much fun! Let me tell ya, these guys are naturals in front of the camera! I swear Titania is a mind reader! I would think about having her pose a certain way and she’d just do it without my instruction! Aren’t they just adorable?! We hardly had to give them any instruction at all. We had lots of fun with all the brick texture. How cute is her shirt by the way?! I love the way the sequins look in the pictures. After a quick water break, we kept trekkin’ on to find more amazing places in Old Town for some pretty amazing pictures.Seriously though, these two are completely awesome! After the session they gave us a ride back to our car. How amazing is that?! After their engagement session, we’re REALLY looking forward to their wedding! And we didn’t think it was possible to be more excited!!!
Old Town Sacramento Engagement

Titania & Greg | Riverside Old Town Sacramento Engagement


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