We couldn’t have asked for a better finish to our 2018 wedding season! Rachel & Shaun’s rainy Downtown Sacramento Sterling Hotel wedding was simply amazing! From the gorgeous fall colors to all the bridesmaid’s Kate Spade Keds sneakers, the day was just perfect!

Nov 28, 2018

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When we were preparing to photograph Leah & Razi’s Carmichael Congregation Beth Shalom wedding, we were a little nervous! We worried about keeping people out in the smoke for too long. Not only that but we weren’t sure the effect the smoke would have on the photos. As it turns out, we worried for nothing! […]

Nov 21, 2018

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 “Wow… Hello beautiful!” That was Alex’s reaction as he turned and saw his stunning bride for the very first time. We knew right then exactly why these two were getting married! The lovey dovey-ness didn’t stop there either! During their entire wedding day, these two were just beaming with pure joy! We’re beyond excited to […]

Oct 23, 2018

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They say that music is a universal language. When Ashlee and William first met, they started talking about music and their favorite bands. Even though she had some pretty obscure favorites, William knew about the bands she loved! After emailing each other their favorite songs from random, odd genres they developed a relationship. Now they’re […]

Sep 26, 2018

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Sarah and Anthonie could not have asked for a more perfect day for their gorgeous downtown Wedgewood Sterling Hotel wedding! The weather seemed to cool down just in time for their big day.

Sep 18, 2018

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Almost 8 years ago in 2010, Dani and I were sitting around our friend’s dining room table and we were brainstorming business names. We were only 20 years old and one of our friends who knew we were “really into photography” had asked us if we would like to photograph her wedding and of course […]

Sep 16, 2018

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