Cache creek lavender farm portraits by Adrienne and Dani Photography

As Northern California wedding photographers, we’ve had the privilege to photograph at a lot of incredibly gorgeous locations. When we found out we were going to be shooting portraits at the Cache Creek Lavender Farm during the peek of the lavender blooming, our brains were abuzz with ideas for all the pretty photos we could create!

From the moment we stepped out of the car, we could smell the lavender. It was heavenly! This was also our first time meeting Tasha and Trevor in person. Originally we had chatted with Tasha through one of our groups on Facebook. She’s a photographer herself and sometimes it can be a little intimidating working with other photographers. But these two were a dream! She and Trevor are actually already married and when we asked for how long, we were shocked! They told us they’ve been married for 8 years, and the way they were so comfortable with each other, you would’ve thought they were newlyweds. They were so cute and snuggly, they practically radiated love.

On the farm, there was definitely no shortage of beautiful spots to take photos in! Everywhere we stepped, there was a full, fragrant lavender bush. We also had the pleasure of talking with some of the staff at the farm and everyone there is just so lovely. They offered us a peek into their gift shop and even some lavender to take home for ourselves. If you’re ever looking for a great spot for your own photos, we definitely recommend the Cache Creek Lavender Farm!

cache creek lavender farm portraits

Tasha & Trevor | Cache Creek Lavender Farm Anniversary Portraits

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