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How to Actually Attend Your Cocktail Hour

I think we can all agree that everyone wants to actually enjoy their wedding day! One of the best ways to actually enjoy your wedding day, visit and chat with your guests, and make sure you are well fed and hydrated (which is always important, especially in the summer!) is to attend your cocktail hour!

But how do you actually make sure that happens? Between the ceremony and then rushing into family portraits, wedding party portraits, and even your couple’s portraits how are you supposed to have any time to rest and relax at all?

Take all of your formal portraits before the ceremony

It’s really that simple. Over the years, weddings have really focused on tradition and what you’re “supposed to do”. Somewhere along the line, people got it in their minds that you’re supposed to take all your photos after the ceremony, but why? Your wedding party members will already be with you getting ready as well as most, if not all, of your immediate family members so why not just get those photos done while you’re all still fresh from hair and makeup and your suits are all still pressed and sharp!

But what about your couple’s portraits? Simple! Just do a first look! We have a whole post about why a first look is amazing and our number one secret for a stress-free wedding day but being able to enjoy your cocktail hour has to be one of the bigger reasons we recommend it to all of our couples.

Making sure you attend your cocktail hour really is that simple!

How to Actually Attend Your Cocktail Hour – Sacramento Wedding Photographers

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