Over the years, we’ve seen this question over and over again: “Do we need a 2nd photographer for our wedding day?”

The answer is an absolute YES! At least in our opinion! While it may not be in the budget or the right choice for everyone, here are a few of our top reasons why you need a second wedding photographer for your wedding day!

Okay so first, what exactly is a “second wedding photographer”. A second photographer (aka a 2nd shooter) is someone that your wedding photographer will hire to come along with them on your wedding day and photograph as well. Usually, wedding photographers will hire a random photographer or a photographer friend who is similar in style to them. The 2nd shooter then gives the images they shot over to your original photographer, who edits and delivers them to you. Most often, the only interaction you’ll have with this second photographer is on your actual wedding day and that’s it. So what are the benefits to a second photographer?

Multiple Angles Covered

Do you ever wonder how photographers capture both the Groom’s reaction and the Bride walking down the aisle? The answer is that there are 2 shooters! Both angles could technically be covered by just one photographer, but you risk missing an important moment, like him wiping away a tear or the smile your father gives you as you’re walking down the aisle, beaming at your soon-to-be spouse.

There are other important moments that having two photographers is great for as well! During the first look, we can capture both of your reactions. During toasts, we can capture the toasts, your reactions, and the reactions of your guests laughing at your friend’s cheesy jokes! We can also capture different angles during your couple’s portraits as well so you have more variety and even more portraits of you on your wedding day.

Security and Peace of Mind

One of our worst fears is something happening to our cameras on or after the wedding that results in us losing your images! Just typing that out gave me shivers! Now we’ve taken many steps and precautions to make sure that doesn’t happen, but it can happen! That’s when having a second photographer comes in handy. If something were to happen, you have at least another photographer to make sure you don’t walk away from your wedding without any memories captured.

Stress Relief for Your Wedding Day

Having multiple photographers means you get to stress less during your wedding day! Who doesn’t want that?! For example, with two photographers, you can be doing family portraits with one photographer, while the other is photographing your reception details. That means you don’t have to worry “oh did you get a photo of this?” you can just focus on having fun and getting married!

More Photos of Your Guests

Our couples always say they want photos of their guests having fun, and with two photographers that is totally doable! While one photographer can be mainly focused on you both throughout the day, the other can focus on your guests!

One of the great benefits of working with us for your wedding day is that we include two photographers in all of our wedding collections! And with us, you know who you’re dealing with! You’ll get to know both Dani and me throughout your whole wedding experience. We’ll laugh and plan with you and when it comes time for your wedding day you’ll know exactly who it is that will be walking into your getting ready space and it’ll feel like we’re just another one of your friends here to celebrate you and your love story.

Do You Need a Second Wedding Photographer?

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Do You Need a Second Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding Day?

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