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Why You Absolutely Need Golden Hour Photos For Your Wedding

Have you ever wondered how wedding photographers get that gorgeous, golden, glowy look to their images? Well, the secret is super simple! It’s all about golden hour!

So what is golden hour? Golden hour is that hour of time right before the sun sets when the sun is lowest in the sky and gives off those stunning golden rays of light. Have you ever noticed how the sky always looks so beautiful when the sun is setting? Yup, that’s all because of golden hour!

For most weddings in the Spring, Summer, and early fall here in Northern California, golden hour is usually around 7-8 pm and in the late Fall and Winter, it’s usually 3-4 pm. Most couples don’t think about golden hour either because they simply don’t know how gorgeous it can be but usually that time is right in the middle of their receptions! Here’s why we always recommend golden hour wedding photos!

Your first portraits as a married couple!

Our couples often opt for a first look for their wedding days in order to be able to enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests. This means that all of their couple’s portraits together are taken before they actually say “I Do!”. There’s nothing wrong with that at all! But scheduling some time during golden hour for portraits means you’ll also get some portraits of the two of you after you’ve tied the knot!

You get even more portraits!

Who doesn’t want to remember every moment from their wedding day? It’s hard to argue with having even more portraits to add to your album, decorate your home with, and to have to show your children someday.

Portraits during golden hour are just more fun!

After you’ve had your more formal portraits done and all the portraits with family and your wedding party, portraits during golden hour just allow you to have more fun with your photos. Your photographer gets to be more creative, you get to be more relaxed and in a party mood, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Golden hour light is more flattering!

Everyone wants to look perfect in their photos right?! Portraits during the middle of the day are tricky because the light tends to create harsh shadows under your eyes and chin making you look way more tired and it’s just not super flattering. During golden hour, the sunlight falls evenly on your face and features and it makes it look like you (and your photos) are glowing and it’s oh so magical!

Hopefully, you can see just how important golden hour really is! And if not, let these stunning images convince you!

Golden Hour Wedding Photos

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