Limited dates available - Only 4 bookings left for 2023!









Limited dates available - Only 4 bookings left for 2023!


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Rustic Barn Wedding in Davis | Barocka & Taylor

With this rustic barn wedding in Davis wedding 3 years in the making, you know it’s going to be one heck of a good time! After enjoying a longer engagement, Barocka and Taylor were forced to wait a whole extra year before they could celebrate and get married. But it was so worth the wait.

The way Barocka and Taylor met was like something out of a romance movie! Barocka had never been to California before, but after moving here for grad school, she hit the town with some friends for a girl’s night. That same night, Taylor, who is a Davis local, would head out for a night with the boys. They ended up at the same bar, and when Barocka saw Taylor from across the room, she motioned for him to come over to her. They exchanged numbers that night, and the rest is history.

It’s so fitting that, just like their engagement session, we had their wedding portraits in the UC Davis Arboretum. That’s where Taylor had proposed! Unfortunately, Taylor was so nervous, and they knew each other so well, that Barocka knew the proposal was coming, but it was still magical. Taylor had picked out the ring all by himself and as Barocka said, he did an amazing job.

One of our favorite parts of the day was during their couple’s portraits a family walked by with a little girl. The little one gasped as she saw Barocka in her dress and pulled on her mom’s hand yelling “It’s a princess!!!”. It was so adorable!

Congratulations Barocka and Taylor! We’re so happy for you both and we can’t wait to see what the future brings you.

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