Now, looking back at 2015 feels quite strange. We’re so grateful to all of our couples for such a crazy busy, yet joyful year! But compare it to 2020 where all of our weddings have been postponed and “micro weddings” aren’t just a trend, but a necessity. Part of the reason we wanted to do this “looking back” series is to serve as a reminder that the struggles we all face during this pandemic, while they may feel very present, they too will pass. We just must be patient for the days when we’ll be able to celebrate and love together again. And after our time apart, it will feel all the sweeter.

We’ve got so many weddings to get through for this year, so let’s jump right in!!!

Wendy & Dustin

This wedding was somewhat of a surprise for us! Wendy had contacted us just 3 weeks before her wedding date! She was in need of a new photographer and we were so glad we were able to step in and photograph her and Dustin’s big day. Both them and their bridal party were a riot all day long!

Shannon & Eric

Shannon & Eric had a beer theme for their wedding! They even had their venue make them their own custom beer for their big day. How incredible! We just loved these two and their whole family. Their wedding might have been a little windy, but they weren’t going to let that stop their fun!

Celene & Greg

With Celene and Greg’s wedding, we’d return to the same LDS temple from our very first wedding and it was just as much fun as we’d remembered! We are still obsessed with Celene’s vintage gown and matching hand made bouquet.

Marilyn & Paul

We’d forgotten just how many backyard micro weddings we’ve done! Marilyn and Paul opted for an intimate affair hosted in their own backyard, proof that you don’t need a big venue to share big love. We absolutely loved all their DIY decorations and just how every element of their wedding really showed their love and dedication to each other.

Bethany & Ian

OMG, This wedding! During their whole ceremony storm clouds kept getting closer and closer to the venue. Sometimes, the thunder was so loud, you couldn’t hear the officiant at all. Right as we wrapped up with family portraits, we ushered everyone inside to the reception, and it immediately started pouring down rain! Thankfully, the couple had done a first look and we had all their portraits before the ceremony! Bethany and Ian didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits though, and their wedding was incredible!

Leanette & Charles

Leanette & Charles once again proved to us that big weddings with big hearts can happen in small spaces. Their wedding took place at a friends private estate and it was nothing short of gorgeous. We’re pretty sure they both didn’t stop smiling all day.

Jenny & Dan

Jenny, Dan, and their entire wedding party was such a laugh riot! All day long, everyone was just so full of joy and really wanted to celebrate their incredible friends on their wedding day. Our favorite part of their wedding was how they made it their own and rather than a traditional wedding cake, their opted to have a “wedding waffle” instead!

Dina & Anthony

Even though we were a little more hard of hearing after this wedding it was so gorgeous! Their venue was right next to a set of train tracks so of course we had to get some photos with the train in the background! We absolutely love this couple! And the best part: Dina was a bridesmaid in Wendy’s wedding earlier in the year!

Liz & Danny

If Liz looks a bit familiar, that because she was a bridesmaid in Jenny and Dan’s wedding earlier in the year! Their wedding as so amazing. The sunset at the Hanford Ranch Winery was stunning and Liz and Danny had also opted for a personalized wedding cake replacement! Since they had their first date at a local taco joint, they had a taco truck cater their wedding and they chose to share a churro as their dessert.

Sarah & Richard

For the third time, we’d photograph at wedding at the Sacramento LDS temple. Everytime we come back to photograph a wedding there, it feels so special. Sarah & Richard were such a blast to work with! While they were a little nervous in front of the camera (I mean who isn’t?!) you could feel the love just radiating off of them on their wedding day!

Morgan & Casey

This wedding still makes us smile whenever we think about it. From the gorgeous decor, Morgan’s first look with her Dad, to the view from their ceremony site, everything was absolute perfection! They even had dual wedding officiants and when Morgan did a dress reveal to her bridesmaids, there wasn’t a dry eye to be had.

Katrina & Scott

Katrina and Scott’s wedding was so full of incredible, intimate moments. Our hearts just melted when Katrina smiled at her dad as he walked her down the aisle and when she handed her grandmother a bouquet and made her an honorary bridesmaid. Their wedding was so beautiful and full of so much love!

Krystina & Chris

These two are seriously just the cutest! Photographing them just felt like hanging out with friends! Of course for their wedding, we have to tell the story of the rain photo! It had rained practically all day for their wedding. After their ceremony it got dark fairly quickly and we came up with an idea! We asked if they would mind playing in the rain for a minute and assured them it would be quick. We spent maybe 5 minutes in the rain, and with a little coordinated effort between Dani and myself, we were able to create something magical.

Kayla & Anthony

Thanks to a little time set back, not having a first look, and that pesky daylight savings time, we were forced to the majority of Kayla & Anthony’s portraits after the sun had already set! We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a little challenging, but these two were just so happy to be married, it didn’t seem to phase them one bit.

Angie & David

It’s funny to realize our year ended the same way it began! Angie contacted us 2 months before her wedding. Her photographer was no longer able to do her wedding and she was in need of someone to take over. We had a blast with these two! We especially loved what Angie had to say after receiving their final gallery.

“Thank you so much you guys. They’re awesome! I love them all. Even my crazy faces at the reception. I didn’t know I even made those faces. Cracked me up. You guys are awesome!”

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