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2020 has been a doozy of a year. We’d never have believed you if you had said that we’d spend our 10th year in business during a global pandemic, a 2nd major civil rights movement, and one of the worst wildfire seasons our state has ever seen! We’re so thankful that while a lot of other businesses have had to close their doors, we’ve been able to stay afloat.


It’s hard to believe that we’re almost done with this series! But it’s been such a blast to take a look back at all that we’ve learned, all the incredible couples and families we’ve served, and just how much our business has grown over the years. 2019 was another big year for us. After almost […]


Are we talking about 2018 already! It feels like this series has gone by just as fast as the last 10 years! 2018 was a good year for us! We were still training our new pups, made some major investments in our education & business, and we would end up making a few new friends […]

Star Wars Inspired Flower Farm Inn Wedding by Adrienne and Dani Photography


Even though it was only 3 years ago, 2017 feels like both a lifetime ago and like it was just yesterday! Anyone else feeling like 2020 has been it’s own weird time vortex? This year would see us shoot our first triple header weekend and photograph a wedding in 110+ degree weather, in a barn, […]

northern california micro wedding


There may have been fewer weddings that we photographed in 2016, but we didn’t feel any less busy! Let’s dive right in and see how our education really changed our photos!


Now, looking back at 2015 feels quite strange. We’re so grateful to all of our couples for such a crazy busy, yet joyful year! But compare it to 2020 where all of our weddings have been postponed and “micro weddings” aren’t just a trend, but a necessity. Part of the reason we wanted to do […]

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