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Are we talking about 2018 already! It feels like this series has gone by just as fast as the last 10 years! 2018 was a good year for us! We were still training our new pups, made some major investments in our education & business, and we would end up making a few new friends along the way. Let’s jump in! Sterling Hotel Wedding

Essy & Albert

How can you describe the perfect wedding! Essy & Albert’s wedding was just beyond gorgeous! We loved being back at the Hanford Ranch Winery and can we talk about Essy’s dress?! Stunning! This was also the first wedding we’d do where we’d work with Mae from Beyond Smitten Events. If you’re in need of a wedding planner, you have to check her out! We could say sooo many good things about this wedding, and we already have! You have to see their blog post to really see all the pretties!

Lauren & Jonathan

Another backyard wedding! These two were so chill on their wedding day in the best way! They were just so happy to be getting married and yet just relaxed and enjoying themselves with their family and friends. We loved the purple florals that decorated their ceremony arch and Lauren’s bouquet was too fabulous!

Taylor & Dillon

We love a good vineyard wedding and Taylor and Dillons was no exception! These two high school sweethearts tied the knot at Hart 2 Hart Vineyards and we still can’t get enough of all the gorgeousness! Not only was their wedding pretty, but it was so full of love! All their guests were so happy for them and Taylor and Dillon just beamed all day long. We could go on and on, so check out their blog post too to see all the great moments from their big day.

Sarah & Ryan

If you know us, you know we’re big Disney fans! So when we saw all the decor for Sarah & Ryan’s wedding, our heart jumped for joy! They had thought of everything! From the table centerpieces being dedicated to different Disney movies to the huge cardboard cutout of Han and Chewie (all Ryan’s fault haha) We just loved all the little details and thought they had put into their wedding decor. As an added bonus for their photos, we didn’t know this when we were selecting locations ahead of time, but the courtyard where we decided to do their first look is actually the same courtyard were Ryan proposed! How sweet is that?! 

Gwenith & John

Wedding at a pumpkin farm? Check! Wedding with a lightsaber battle as their first dance? Double-check! We absolutely love it when our couples take their wedding days and make them their own! We remember while getting into her gown Gwenith told us that the perfect pearl necklace that she had chosen to wear was given to her by her aunt when she was just a little one. And the family heirlooms didn’t stop there either! During the cake cutting, we found out that the cake server that they cut their cake with was the same one used at Gwenith’s parent’s wedding 30 years ago!

Michelle & Aaron

Normally mint and coral aren’t our first choices for a color combo, but these two made it look good! We couldn’t get enough of Michelle’s dress! We’re always huge suckers for that gorgeous applique lace but her dress had one amazing feature that every dress should have. Pockets! The dress had pockets! How amazing is that?! It really was a princess dress and she looked so stunning in it! Another of our favorite details was a ring that she wore around her neck during the whole day. As her something borrowed and something old, Michele wore her Grandmother’s ring and it was extra special because it’s her Grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary was that same year.

Jeff & Monica

These two we’re such troopers on their wedding day! Their ceremony was held on a field, in mid-August, during a heatwave. But that didn’t stop them from celebrating! There’s one thing we kept hearing at Monica and Jeff’s McKinley Park Rose Garden Wedding… It’s about time! These two have been together for 10 years! The day before their 10 year anniversary Jeff surprised her by popping the question as she got home from work.

Sarah & Anthonie

We have so many great memories from this wedding day! One of our favorites has to be the story of how these two met. Sarah has actually known Anthonie’s family since she was 12 years old, and she was best friends with his sister in middle school before he even knew them! Anthonie was raised in foster care and was taken in by the family years later. One of our favorite parts of the day was during Anthonie’s mother’s toast, after a bit of teasing from his brother, she teased him right back saying “Hey, I chose him so…”. We love it when the playful family banter breaks out!

Ashlee & William

Okay I know we say this a lot but…. omg this wedding! From William and his best man’s matching Captain America/Winter Soldier cufflinks to the portraits in from of the fabulous wishing wall mural, we loved everything about this wedding! You can’t go wrong with a waffle breakfast bar! One of our favorite details was Ashlee’s mother had told us that around 30 years ago, Ashlee’s father had given a necklace to her mother. On her wedding day, her mother had given her the same necklace. It was so great to witness a family heirloom in the making.

Amanda & Jeff

Meeting at work and quickly falling in love, these two did not want to wait through a long engagement! After Jeff proposed they decided they wanted to plan a wedding in just 6 months! And it was gorgeous! One of our favorite parts of their day was that their florals we all done by the very same shop where they were working at when they met. And we can’t forget how the veil Amanda wore, was the same one that her mother had worn for her wedding!

Amber & Nick

You know how much we love a good love story! For Amber & Nick their wedding date was extra special to them. It marked the exact day, 10 years prior that they would first met each other. Some things are worth waiting for! One morning Amber woke up and Nick was just beaming. “I can’t wait any longer!” he said and he proposed right then and there! We loved their Beauty & The Beast inspired wedding, and can we just talk about Amber’s hair! Wow!

Margaret & David

Micro Weddings at their finest! Margaret & David’s wedding is a great example of how stunning simplicity can be. Gorgeous florals and a tasty cake can go a long way with your wedding decor. Since their wedding was in early October, they planned on it being a little chilly so they decided to give their guests beanies as a wedding favor. But in true California fashion, the weather ended up being over 80 degrees!

Salina & Alex

A Star Wars themed wedding?! Yes please! We could go on about the Star Wars themed decor, their Millennium Falcon Wedding Cake, or the Performers dressed as Star Wars Characters but our favorite moment had to be during their first look. As Alex turned and saw his stunning bride for the very first time all he said was “Wow… Hello beautiful!” We knew right then exactly why these two were getting married!

Leah & Razi

At this point I don’t care that I sound like a broken record! OMG this wedding! From the moment we got there we could just feel the excitement buzzing in the air! Everyone was so happy to be able to help these two amazing people get married! We’re always suckers for those little personal details that make each wedding unique, so we just loved finding out that Leah’s dress was made from both her mother and Razi’s mother’s dress and veil. The dress was made using Razi’s mom’s dress and the flowers that decorated it was from Leah’s mother’s veil. We absolutely love that and we’re so honored to have been a part of this incredible couples wedding day!

Rachel & Shaun

We couldn’t have asked for a better finish to our 2018 wedding season! Not only was in a beautiful fall wedding (the colors of the tree gets us every time!) but we love some good wedding DIY’s! Rachel ended up making a lot of the decorations herself with her circuit. She even designed the invitations! Talk about a superstar! One of our favorites was her dad also built their card box from scratch! A lot of their guests had traveled in from all over the place to come watch them get hitched and it was so incredible to be able to celebrate with them!

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A Look Back at the Last 10 Years | Part 9 – 2018

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