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How We Capture Gorgeous Wedding Reception Photos

When sharing photos either on social media or on our website and blog, we tend to focus on our most favorite images, romantic portraits of the couple! But there is one part of the day that often gets over looked; The reception! However when choosing a photographer, its so important to see some of their photos from receptions! Its so important to know when the sun goes down, how do they light their images? So we thought we’d share today how we create gorgeous wedding reception photos!

So how do we do it? Off camera flash!

Simply put, off camera flash is just a camera flash that we place on a stand (off camera) at your reception space. We’ll usually place it next to a speaker or one of the DJ lights, that way it’s out of the way of you and guests so no one trips or knocks it over. We’ll usually try to keep the light behind or to the side of whoever we’re photographing, that way the background of your reception images are never too dark.

In the images below you can see the difference vs off camera flash and only using a flash on camera! On the left, we’ve used off camera flash and one flash on camera to make sure the background of the dancefloor doesn’t look too dark and you can see everyone dancing! On the right, we’ve just used one flash on the camera. Look at that difference

Wedding Reception Photos

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