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Even though it was only 3 years ago, 2017 feels like both a lifetime ago and like it was just yesterday! Anyone else feeling like 2020 has been it’s own weird time vortex?

This year would see us shoot our first triple header weekend and photograph a wedding in 110+ degree weather, in a barn, with no AC. But we made it through, and with some pretty images too! Let’s dive in!

Rebecca & Michael

Rebecca & Michael are such troopers! Not only did it rain on their wedding day but they planned the whole thing from out of state. They lived in Washington and wanted to have their reception party here in California where their relatives and friends lived. We didn’t even get to meet them face to face until the day of. Their day was just so full of joy with their friends and families just so happy to celebrate with them.

Brittany & Jon

There is so many wonderful things we could say about this couple. It had been a few years since we had done their engagement photos and we were so excited to be photographing their wedding at last! Their wedding was at the always spectacular Grand Island Mansion. There was definitely no shortage of incredible spots for portraits, that’s for sure! From the photos we took at the front of the mansion to the ones in front of the river, we still have a hard time choosing just a few favorites from their day.

Becca & Daniel

Any wedding where the couple has their pup as a “flower girl” we’re going to love! Becca & Daniel’s wedding was no exception! We love that their wedding was held on their families property as well. It’s always feels just a little bit more special when you have your own personal wedding site.

Molly & Ethan

Imagine this with us. It’s 111 degrees out (but the real feel is 124!), you’re in a real, vintage barn, and that barn has no AC. We’re sweating just thinking about it! Well we lived through it! To make matter worse, Molly & Ethan came all the way from Alaska for their wedding! But if they were hot, you couldn’t tell! The smiles didn’t leave their faces all day. Even when their ceremony was outside in the heat!

Randy & Randy

Now, this was a first for us! We hadn’t done a wedding where the couple had the same first name. These two were just such a joy to photograph! Their guests were so much fun to talk to and we swear both of them didn’t stop smiling all day. If really did feel like we were just a couple of their friends. They had even saved us a seat at one of their tables! When we think back to their wedding day, our hearts our just so full when remember their family and friends heartfelt toasts.

Angela & Cassie

I know we say this a lot (that’s what happens when all of your couples rock!) but we could go on and on about these two and their wedding day! Originally, they had planned on a big lavish wedding but it just didn’t quite jive with them. It started to feel like their wedding was more about the event rather than the couple. So they knocked all their plans down to the bare bones and started over! With just 30-ish of their closest friends and family in attendance (plus their adorable pup Cuca Bear!) we felt so honored to be among their guest list. Both Angela & Cassie and their guests made us feel like friends and it’s been so incredible to keep up with them via Instagram!

Kristina & Daniel

This wedding was the first in our tripleheader weekend! Our favorite moment from Kristina & Daniel’s wedding day (besides the whole day!) was definitely their first look! We playfully teased Daniel about crying before Kristina made her reveal. He assured us that he wouldn’t cry, but when he saw her in her dress, he cried! And it was magical! Their whole wedding was just a dream! From Kristina’s gorgeous bouquet and dress to Kristina’s Grandfather walking her down the aisle, we still get a little misty-eyed thinking about this truly remarkable wedding day!

Betty & David

The second wedding in our tripleheader weekend was an extra special one! My dad got married! It was definitely a challenge to play bridesmaid and photographer, but hey if Dani could do it for her sister, then I could do it now! There are so many special things I could say about this wedding, but I’ll just leave my favorite video clip from the day!

Cassie & Eugene

The last wedding in our triple header weekend was a fantastic finish! It was so great to be back at the Croatian American Cultural Center. When we arrived for the ceremony, we were just so blown away by how gorgeous it was! Not only did it perfectly suit the dream wedding day Cassie had described to us from day one, but it also surprised us with the perfect glowy sunset!

Carissa & Spencer

OMG This wedding! Carissa & Spencer’s whole wedding day was just filled with joy. Their best friends and bridal party were all smiles the whole day, only stopping to cry happy tears during their gorgeous ceremony. Our hearts still melt when we think about how Spencer had a bouquet of roses and a handwritten note card delivered to Carissa while she was getting ready for the day.

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